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Over the years, we've written many articles, books, and research papers on different survival techniques.  We felt that it would be helpful to post these on our site to encourage people to learn more from our experience in the field.  You can also check out our Survival Blog for additional resources and our latest postings.
Bail-Out Kits, Bug-Out Bags & Emergency Gear for Urban Disasters
There has been a lot of attention brought to the term Bug-Out Bag on forums and in the media over the years. Just what should go into such a bag and how can you assemble a quality kit yourself? Essentially, you want a lightweight backpack stowed in your office or vehicle with enough basic gear to let you handle a short-term emergency ranging from 24-72 hours. If it's lightweight you are more likely to carry it with you as opposed to a cumbersome hockey duffle bag. During recent disasters, some evacuees had to walk forty miles or more out of their city before supplies were available! This is where a 72-hour Bail-Out Kit comes in to play...

Surviving an Unexpected Night in the Desert
Each year, there are numerous stories about lost hikers or hunters in the desert who succumb to the elements. Many of these tragedies are preventable and involve a little preparation on the front end coupled with a dose of common sense while on the trail. During the past twenty years of teaching survival courses, I've heard many stories about and from actual survivors. Many of these tales of hardship are prefaced with the following:  "I was only going for a short walk in the woods and got turned around."  If you retrace the elements that lead to a person surviving a night out, you will find that the predicament begins with their mindset...
Prehistoric Trap Systems of Northern Arizona
The ability to procure food in a demanding landscape like the desert was possible for those who know where and how to look and have a wealth of hunting and trapping skills. I believe trapping played a significant role in the menu of hunter-gatherers in the desert though archeological site reports tend to focus on larger fauna and hunting implements...

Ancient Pathways Reading List
Many students on our courses ask about a reading list that covers the basic areas of study such as bushcraft, tracking, trapping and the unique natural history of the Southwest. Below are a few titles we recommend...

A Primer for Living Off the Land
Procuring food in the wilderness is perhaps the most challenging skill in the field of wilderness living and one that is often misunderstood even in the survival community. Once learned and regularly applied, such skills will provide you with greater confidence in the backcountry...

Surviving in the Land of Little Water
The desert can be an unforgiving place for a stranded hiker. Here are a few tips to help beat the heat and handle an unexpected emergency in the wilds...
Bushcraft Skills a Competent Woodsmen Should Know For Long-Term Wilderness Living
How to make a fire in any weather (wind, snow, rain,) using modern firemaking devices -- Be proficient with a knife, ax, and saw -- How to dress properly and understand the insulative values of different garments... Out of all of these skills, the area of procuring wild food, through hunting, trapping, fishing, and foraging for edible plants is the most challenging. A daily study…..a lifetime study.

When Life is Reduced to Hours or How To FIND WATER IN THE DESERT
Life in arid regions like the Southwest revolves around one key element- that inescapable requirement that no person can avoid or overcome: the need for Water. Even the hardiest of desert peoples like the Apache, the Bushman, and the Aborigine depend on it. If there's one rule to remember about the desert it's that you can't live long without water. Cut your water intake intake and your body's ability to handle heat stress ...

Desert Garb and Survival Gear for the Southwest
Let's go top to bottom and start with headwear. A wide-brimmed hat is an essential item for desert travelers unless you want your face to turn into a piece of driftwood. There's a bevy of types from cowboy to Indiana Jones style...
Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.
Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.   Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Courses.

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